Sep 30 2008

Want to Remain Focused in these Challenging Times? Call Me.

As the “Shoes Keep Dropping,” it is easy to become paralyzed by the media reports, the unknown challenges that lay ahead, the worries around how long these market and economic conditions will last. In fact, it is difficult right now to think of anything else.  For the most part, it is the same story Continue Reading

Sep 29 2008

Three Ideas for Monitoring and Improving Listing Absorption Rate

Posted by Bob Albanese In my last blog I wrote about “loss connected with a low listing absorption rate” and the clear upside in maintaining strong performance in this area. The question now revolves around how brokers can improve listing absorption rate, and the types of tools and measurement Continue Reading

Sep 25 2008

Staying Focused in a Cluttered World

When you have a thought it creates a physical reaction — the mind and the body are connected. If you are having negative thoughts you are likely to feel blue, lethargic, and pessimistic. With everything that is happening in the economic world how do we stay focused on the positive? NAR data Continue Reading

Sep 24 2008

GO Green!

Some of today’s environmental buzzwords are “green” and “global warming” and “healthy environment,” but what exactly do these buzzwords mean to our homes, our health and our pocketbooks?  I had the opportunity to dig into the effects of global warming during my research for our Home Efficiency Continue Reading

Sep 23 2008

Market Phases: The Data Speaks

Posted by Nicolai Kolding A few days ago I offered the idea that the direction of the residential real estate market is driven first by transaction sides then by price.  The basic theory that the market is cyclical is obviously not unique.  There are several different views on this; my cycle has Continue Reading

Sep 22 2008

Weaving Generosity into Your Network

I just finished interviewing Tom Wilkins of Better Homes and Gardens Wilkins and Associates. We were talking about his recent donation to the Sherman Theater to support the “Fine Arts Discovery Series,” which brings the arts to kids and their families. Given today’s economy, small nonprofits like Continue Reading

Sep 19 2008

Do You Offer a Service or an Experience to Your Customers?

While making hotel reservations for an expo that I recently attended, I learned that the host hotel was booked to capacity. There were, however, rooms at the INN. Call me a snob, but convenience was the least of my requirements, and after lengthy conversation with a very helpful reservation Continue Reading

Sep 18 2008

Market Phases

Posted by Nicolai Kolding In trying to decide how to respond to the Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, and AIG debacles, I've concluded that the best answer is to remind all of us to focus locally, where real estate really matters.  This isn't to say that the news isn't important but (a) this shall Continue Reading

Sep 17 2008

A Day in the Field

I spent yesterday at the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates office in Stroudsburg, PA. They told me it was a typical day in the office, but what does a typical day in a real estate office look like these days? If you based your answer on what you hear in the media about Continue Reading

Sep 16 2008

Your Network is Your Lifeline

Posted by Sherry Chris At the upcoming NAR conference in November, I will be speaking about the power of networking and how it can have a profound impact on your business. One of the masters of networking is author and professional speaker Keith Ferrazzi who wrote the bestseller Never Eat Continue Reading

Sep 15 2008

3D Phototours for the Rest of Us

The folks from Microsoft were in the office last week and during the course of their presentation they mentioned a new project from Microsoft Live Labs called Photosynth. First of all, "Microsoft Live Labs?" I guess they have stopped trying to differentiate themselves from Google anymore. The Continue Reading