Dec 31 2008

The Final Day of an Interesting Year

If you were to use one word to describe this year that is almost over, what would it be? Exciting? Devastating? Complicated? Confusing? Challenging? Most would say thank goodness it's finally over. Since the beginning of my career, I have always been fascinated by the process of  how one year ends Continue Reading

Dec 30 2008

Book Review: Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

I’ve been waiting for this book since I saw Malcolm Gladwell speak about the research he was doing for it at the National Association of Realtors conference in Orlando a couple of years ago. The premise of the book is that success is not a random act. Rather, that success happens because of a Continue Reading

Dec 24 2008

Learning How to Give… Again

A very challenging year begins to wind down.  One can count the number of business holiday parties on one hand. In fact, people are almost surprised to be invited to one. I have been through one of these cycles before. We go from extreme  extravagance to pot luck lunches. Why does this happen, I ask Continue Reading

Dec 23 2008

December Analysis of NAR and FNMA Releases

Last week, Fannie Mae released its Economics & Mortgage Market Analysis.   This morning the National Association of REALTORS® released its November summary of existing home sales("EHS").  The reports themselves have data and analysis aplenty; our goal here is simply to highlight a few key Continue Reading

Dec 22 2008

The Night Before Christmas (Talent Attraction or Recruiting Style)

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; The lockboxes were hung on the doors with care, In hopes that a Realtor soon would be there. The agents were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of next year danced in their Continue Reading

Dec 16 2008

Who Are These People We Call REALTORS®?

Insight on that question can be found in the 2008 National Association of REALTORS® Member Profile. If you are looking to catch up on some reading this holiday season,  add this report to the stack on your bedside table. Here are some of the highlights I found interesting: The typical Continue Reading

Dec 12 2008

Is Facebook the New Birthday Card?

Ok, some of you might think this post is just a little self serving, because it is sort of about of my birthday, but not really. It's really about people taking the time to do something nice, and using social media as the distribution channel. Many of you know that an important part of our brand Continue Reading

Dec 12 2008

Measuring Talent Attraction (AKA Recruiting) Success in Real Estate

The concept that ‘attracting talent’ as opposed to simply ‘recruiting people’ is central in the hiring of sales agents, an it has been discussed in several blogs by Wendy Forsythe in recent months. These are articulate and well written pieces that you may want to review as you consider the ideas Continue Reading

Dec 11 2008

To Do’s in 2009 (but you could get started now!)

Okay, I admit it. It’s rough out there, it’s rough in here, it’s rough everywhere.  That doesn’t mean we can give up. I think there are a lot of agents and managers out there who have given up. They may still technically have a real estate license or hold a managers title, but they are not actively Continue Reading

Dec 08 2008

Attention: Agents, Brokers, Builders, Lenders… We have some work to do!

When I saw the headline in the Saturday New York Times entitled “It May Be Time to Think About Buying a House”, I thought to myself…  “Good, a positive article about the housing market." A few of those, coupled with the rumored drop in the 30 year fixed to 4.5%,  might just be what we need to begin Continue Reading

Dec 04 2008

Are Real Estate Mobile Search Apps a Good Idea?

I have never been a fan of technology for the sake of technology.  Although tech ideas can be very high on the cool scale they tend to usually be very low on the ROI or usefulness scale.  I am sort of perplexed by all of the hype surrounding real estate search on your mobile phone.  Trulia made a Continue Reading