Jul 17 2009
Friday Blog Scan: Things We Liked from the Week That Was

Friday Blog Scan: Things We Liked from the Week That Was

It’s been sort of quiet these past months on the technology front. Not a whole lot of innovation going on inside real estate. But outside the space, the API space is on fire. Tesco, a grocery-and more change from the UK is about to unveil an API for its online store that allows developers to search for nutritional info and more. Programmable Web has it here: Eggs, Milk Bread – the worlds first grocery API

More about API’s. We’re excited about these because they are, according to Elias Bizannes,  “the center of the mashup culture that is permeating the web”. They allow different websites to interact with each other to create new ideas. Read it in detail on his blog titled: The business model of API’s.

Chris Johnson over at Guerrilla.me put together this blog titled Ten Preventable Mistakes Realtor Blogger Make that delves into the inherent mistakes agents are prone to making when blogging. This is hard hitting, in your face, good advice.

Lee Odden put the Best and Worst Practices of Social Media Marketing together on TopRankBlog. Some of this is obvious, some not so but all presented in a way that is fresh and easy to understand. It includes best practices and worst practices. Bear in mind though, social media is still new and arguably experimental. But it helps to have guidelines. These are great ones.

Here’s something fun. 40 Sexy and Creative Typographic Logo Desgins. Given the typical real estate logo that often includes a company embedded inside a house, these examples serve as nothing other than eye candy or inspiration to go beyond typical.

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  1. Thanks so much for the link, appreciate it. More like that is in the future as we learn from experience what best practices really are. We wanna SELL stuff, not just get popular, right?

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