Jan 16 2012
5 Qualities of Successful Real Estate Agents

Top 5 Qualities Successful Real Estate Agents Share

A real estate professional does not become a success overnight.  Successful brokers and agents thrive because of their unbridled enthusiasm, unfailing determination and their insatiable desire to be at the forefront of the industry.  They are hard working, diligent and focused.

The reason for their success isn’t difficult to pinpoint, but it can be tough to recreate– unless of course, you pay close attention to a few of their shared traits. Look to adopt the following five qualities to start you on your path to success:

  1.  Honesty

This is number one on our list and should be at the top of yours for obvious reasons. Honesty is not a quality a successful real estate professional can exist without.

Honesty requires that you are upfront and transparent in all that you do. Honesty is telling the truth, even when the truth isn’t pretty. Honesty means that you conduct your business in a sincere and trustworthy manner at all times, no matter what the consequences.

  2.  Passion

Passion is addictive.  It draws people to you as they sense the excitement you feel about what you are privileged to do every day.

Successful real estate agents do not act like they are worn out, beaten down and kicked to the curb by the industry. Their enthusiasm is not over-rated hype; it is undeniably one of the most important tools in any agent’s arsenal.  It can and will make you indubitably attractive to those clients you wish to connect with.

  3.  Risk Takers

Building a business will not allow you to take a back seat to opportunity.  Building a successful business requires that you step out in faith and embrace risk, better yet, calculated risk. It is all about taking the risk and reaping the reward.

  4.  Tenacious

Successful real estate agents pick themselves up and dust off the fear, anxiety and self-loathing that may have seeped in from yesterday’s events.  They look rejection straight in the eye and roar into the day that can and will be.

Successful agents are resolute in what their vision of tomorrow should look like.  They are bold, brash and indifferent to the small voice in their head telling them to let it go, pack it up and move on.

  5.  Compassionate

Potential clients want to know that they are important to you.  They need to “feel” valuable and know that you respect their needs, desires and their opinions.  If you can give people what they want, they will provide you with what you need to do your job well.

Successful real estate agents are creative, inspirational, sensitive, endearing, responsive and so much more.  What success skills have you learned over your career that you would pass along to others?

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  1. I couldn't agree more with everything that you've written. I would also add that a successful real estate agent should be a forward thinker who can anticipate problems and have ready solution and strategies.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this article!! It sums up everything great about a successful agent!!

  3. This is right, real estate agents should be gentle and fierce at the same time. It is impossible to keep up with the competition without being tenacious but you also have to be gentle or accommodating enough to ensure that clients will find you trustworthy and a good person to work with. :)

    • Administrator says:

      Most definitely! There is a lot to juggle as a real estate agent and knowing how to interact and work with various buyers and sellers is a very important quality.

  4. CindyBarrett says:

    I love this and hope that I am all these and more! I love being a Realtor and helping people to realize their dreams!

  5. I hope my clients see all 5 features in how I do business. It is difficult when you are surrounded by several other Realtors who are less honest in telling it like it is and ‘buying those listings’. I always say honesty is my cornerstone!

  6. lia michelle says:

    I am proud to say that my real estate agent is an honest agent. We’ve been working together for a while and have had our ups and downs, but despite that, we remained honest with each other and that has made all the difference.

  7. This is one great post!!! Highly recommended. Agents especially starters could learn a lot from your blog. Definitely, there’s a lot to be considered to be a successful real estate agent.

  8. panayiota says:

    Being part of the real estate business over the last 9 years….There will always be a word, sentence ect., that will improved the business….. and honesty, trust, care will always be the number 1 rule….I love my clients and their families….I always say: when ever im in contact with them I need to see those happy smiles…….that give me a peace of mind”


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