Beta Brokerage

A confluence of change over the past five years has fueled heated discussions about what the next generation of real estate brokerages might look, feel, sound and operate like.

Impacted by changes in market conditions, advances in online technology, innovative new marketing channels, spiraling operational costs, the social web and an engaged and spirited consumer, the perfect opportunity for something new and different appeared. 

We at BHGRE recognized this. We engaged ourselves in these discussions, published articles about it, presented it at conferences and immersed ourselves within this new and changing paradigm.

Today, the next generation of real estate brokerages are surfacing all across America. Some might be in your marketplace. Attracting new customers. Using self-built technology. Open source apps acquired from the cloud. Building meaningful brands. Reaching the public in new and different ways.

These brokerages are attracting a different type of agent; talent vetted from a selection process based on specific requirements and similar sensibilities in an effort to build strong company cultures that lead to a strong and meaningful brokerage brand.

These brokerages look at every operational element from a different perspective then traditional real estate brokerage. They offer reasonable splits with their agents as well as a host of proprietary technologies, tools and training. They are not tied to legacy expenses and as a result, many of them are profitable.

The next generation brokerage markets themselves in new ways – ways never thought possible –  and connecting with consumers across the myriad of social media channels that were once considered frivolous or off limits to marketers.

Some of these brokerages were founded by agents working within traditional organizations who felt the need to step out of past and into a present that their brokers either misunderstood or ignored.

Who are these brokerages? What’s different about them? Can we learn anything from them?

We’ve created this directory to begin bringing the answers to life. We will continue to grow the list of companies who are offering something new from the ground up as well as including those brokerages who have been influenced by the times and are remodeling themselves to meet the future head on.

Use this directly. Discover who these companies are. Go to school on them. Embrace them as they are all part of the great fabric that is the real estate industry.

About the Beta Brokerage project

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