Apr 18 2014
Knowledge Is Power

5 Things Real Estate Agents Know

As I was reading a book by developer Jorge Perez about how to be successful in real estate, (Powerhouse Principles, The Billionaire Blueprint for Real Estate Success; Celebra, 2008) it struck me that most, if not all, of the principles he outlined in his blueprint to riches are principles that many Continue Reading

Apr 12 2014
Real Estate Resource RoundUp

Real Estate Resource Roundup: Top Stories of the Week

Happy Saturday morning - go on, grab your coffee, and away we go! Wanna effectively serve Generation Next homebuyers? Learn to speak "digital" The median age of REALTORS(R) is 57, whereas the median age of first-time buyers is 34. If you want to effectively serve “next-gen” buyers and sellers, Continue Reading

Apr 10 2014
BHGRE Generations MORE

Leveraging GENLIFE to achieve what we all want most… More.

What’s the # 1 thing every agent, broker or owner wants? The answer is simple.  “More.” We want more sales. We want more agents. We want more momentum. We want more time with our families. We want more income to relieve financial pressure. We all want more of the things we Continue Reading

Apr 09 2014
BHGRE Sonoran Desert Lifestyles

Paint, Putty and a New Attitude

How important is your office space to your company’s culture? Easy question to ask, very difficult to answer. How does one quantify the effect of the space they work in, in relation to their very success or failure? Companies such as Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter and any number of start-ups that Continue Reading

Apr 05 2014
Real Estate Resource RoundUp

Real Estate Resource Roundup: Top Stories of the Week

Happy Saturday morning - grab your coffee and let's get started with our Real Estate Roundup. Home Sales in U.S. Poised to Surge With Spring: Mortgages More than half of U.S. home sales take place between March and June. However, the market’s getting a late start this year because so much of the Continue Reading

Apr 03 2014
Baby Boomer Survey

Don’t Count Out the Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers fueled an unprecedented housing expansion that created the American suburbs as we know them. Today – contrary to what a lot real estate professionals might think – they’re poised to do it again. Our latest Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate survey found surprisingly buoyant Continue Reading

Apr 01 2014
BHGRE Tech Valley Humane Society

What have you done for them lately? Random Acts of Kindness week, a success at BHGRE Tech Valley

Doing good works. Everyone talks about it, and if they’re lucky, people actually go out there and do them. This past week, we took a bit of a break from our real estate lives, packed up our snazzy Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate–branded MINI, and drove around Albany trying to do some good Continue Reading

Mar 27 2014
BHGRE National Open House Countdown

BHGRE National Open House Weekend Countdown: Part 4, The Don’ts and Do’s of Your Open House

We’ve been counting down to our BHGRE National Open House Weekend this Saturday and Sunday – the moment is almost here, are you ready? In this final entry of this series, we recap the do's and don'ts (or rather, the don'ts and do's) of running your open house. If you’re having trouble making real Continue Reading

Mar 25 2014
BHGRE National Open House Weekend

BHGRE National Open House Weekend Countdown: Part 3, Establishing Benefits and Closing for the Appointment

Welcome back for part 3 of our countdown to our BHGRE National Open House Weekend, establishing benefits and closing for the appointment. We are finally about to get into the day of your open house event - there are several strategies which you can use to establish the benefits of using a real Continue Reading

Mar 20 2014
BHGRE Open House Weekend Countdown

BHGRE National Open House Weekend Countdown: Part 2, Prepping the House and Yourself

Thanks for coming back for part 2 of our BHGRE national Open House Weekend Countdown - prepping the house and yourself. Before the house is opened to the potential customers, both you and the house must be prepared. Having a good presentation and knowing the answers to the questions buyers will Continue Reading

Mar 13 2014
Find the Sign Open House Weekend

BHGRE Open House Weekend – March 29 and 30

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate is excited to be hosting a national Open House Weekend on March 29 and 30, and we invite you to participate! There is no better opportunity to come face-to-face with potential buyers AND sellers than through an open house.  This is your opportunity to set up a Continue Reading