Mar 18 2014
BHGRE National Open House Weekend Countdown

BHGRE National Open House Weekend Countdown: Part 1, Getting the Word Out

We are counting down to our Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate national Open House Weekend, March 29 and 30, with a special open house series, starting with Part 1: Getting the Word Out. Open house showings can be a difficult process to master. Organization and planning are essential keys to a Continue Reading

Jan 03 2014
Marketing Plan

It’s “Write a Business Plan” Month: How to Include Your Marketing Strategy

In real estate, there is an unspoken rule of thumb that 10 percent of your budget be allocated for marketing. Today’s real estate professional needs a plan and strategy around how to best put that money to work for your business. The myriad of traditional and digital marketing tools available can Continue Reading

Oct 14 2013
tips to improve real estate blog

4 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Real Estate Blog

Are you a current blogger looking to improve your results or a newbie ready to start building a successful real estate blog? No matter what stage you are in, these tips will help boost blog awareness, visibility and its overall success. Whether you are blogging for recruiting purposes or to Continue Reading

Jun 25 2013
Leverage Points to Increase Real Estate Sales

5 Key Leverage Points to Increase Real Estate Sales

As a real estate professional, finding key leverage points within your business is important to effecting positive change. As the industry continues to evolve, so must our skills and sales strategy. Identifying and capitalizing on those areas where a small tweak or addition to strategy can make a Continue Reading

Apr 26 2013
3 Simple Steps to Find Your Perfect Niche Market

Defining Your Marketing Niche in Three Simple Steps

Focusing your energy and attention on a particular real estate niche hasn’t always been an attractive idea.  In fact, there are many real estate professionals that believe niche marketing is far too narrow in scope. If you find yourself fighting the urge to 'dig for riches in real estate niches' Continue Reading

Apr 17 2013
Leveraging Social Media for Online Lead Generation

Leveraging Social Media for Online Lead Generation

Targeting, converting and nurturing online leads are challenges many real estate professionals face. From the expense to the tools and management, knowing how and where to spend time and money can feel like an immense undertaking. With this in mind, I sat down with Scott Lehman, Owner of Better Continue Reading

Mar 15 2013
Creating a Lead Gen Follow Up and Management System

Creating a Successful Lead Generation and Follow-Up System

In a recent survey by Forbes, it was found that over 71% of Internet leads were lost, marked dead or simply thrown out. So how could this happen when a company’s hard-earned money was allocated and budgeted for online lead generation? It’s simple. Lead management is still a significant problem for Continue Reading

Feb 16 2013
4 Myths of Online Real Estate Lead Generation

4 Myths of Online Real Estate Lead Generation

Using the internet to capture real estate leads can be an exciting way to earn new business. It can also be a major undertaking for those without the training, understanding or systems to manage online lead generation. According to NAR, 90% of consumers are researching homes online. This is Continue Reading

Feb 15 2013
How to Build a Profitable Online Marketing Presence [Checklist]

How to Build a Profitable Online Marketing Presence [Checklist]

It was wonderful to see so many Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate brokers and agents in Las Vegas last week for our International Convention, FUSION. It was exciting to witness the energy and creativity that is expelled when over 500 people are connected to fresh, innovative and established Continue Reading

Feb 01 2013
4 Tips to Gain and Retain More Real Estate Leads

4 Tips to Gain and Retain More Real Estate Leads

Your overall success is a direct result of your ability to network and generate leads.  The more leads you bring in, the more people you talk to and the more sales opportunities you will create.   The key is to proactively connect with the right people and then follow up consistently.  Consistency Continue Reading

Jan 17 2013
How to Optimize Your Real Estate Photos for SEO

How to Optimize Your Real Estate Photos for SEO

Most Real Estate professionals take a lot of time and spend a lot of money optimizing their website for SEO.  But there are surprisingly few who take the time to optimize their real estate photography for SEO. Image optimizing is a simple task that can open up your site to thousands of extra Continue Reading