Jan 31 2014
Smart Home Technology

The Smart Home Revolution

In the 1950s and 1960s, shiny new appliances — the blender! — heralded the Home of the Future at worlds fairs and other celebrations of technology. Today, “Smart Homes” can use cloud computing to control our lights, thermostats, alarms and other household systems with mobile phones and other Continue Reading

Dec 13 2013
Watching video on tablet

10 Building Blocks to Amazing Real Estate Videos

"Videos will create competitive immunity for you and your team." That was one of the remarks from Raj Qsar, broker and founder of The Boutique Real Estate Group in Orange County, Calif., during our Beta Broker Google+ Hangout on Monday. The hangout also included Jeff Gaffney, CEO of Better Continue Reading

Aug 22 2013
set up your virtual office

How to Set Up Your Virtual Office on a Shoestring Budget

A real estate business requires a cadre of software to run the various aspects of the business. From financial software to tools that manage the intricacies of the transaction, it is hard to find tools that work well together, and sync with various mobile devices. Because most real estate Continue Reading

Aug 07 2013
Technology Tools Every Agent Should Use

5 Technology Tools Every Agent Should Use

For the last couple of years, real estate technology tools have been rolling out at a fast and furious pace. As a real estate professional, I eagerly scrambled to keep up as a slower market afforded me the time and opportunity. However, earlier this year as the market began to improve and my time Continue Reading

Jul 22 2013
Mobile Marketing Edge

Gain the Mobile Marketing Edge in Your Business

More than half the people you meet on a daily basis own a smartphone. In an IDC study sponsored by Facebook entitled "Always Connected: How Smartphones and Social Keep Us Engaged," nearly 80% of respondents reported that their smartphone was within hands reach for all but two hours of their Continue Reading

Jul 02 2013
Tips to Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Tips to Optimize Your Website for Mobile Users

As more and more consumers turn to their mobile devices when researching real estate, brokers and agents across the U.S. are searching for the best approach or the best way to optimize their presence on the smaller screen. In fact, a recent report from Google and the National Association of Continue Reading

Jun 21 2013
realogy fwd

Realogy Moves FWD With First-Ever Innovation Summit

Realogy, parent company to Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate hosted the first Realogy FWD Innovation Summit this week where a select group of companies presented their emerging technology ideas and products to an invitation-only audience of Realogy executives and franchisees, including BHGRE Continue Reading

May 16 2013
3 Must Have Time Management Tools

3 Must-Have Time Management Tools

Time management is a frequent topic discussed among real estate professionals. Between meetings, lead generation appointments and the myriad of daily duties, finding focus can be challenging. The Pareto Principle, also known as the '80:20 Rule' states that an unfocused and poorly managed day will Continue Reading

Apr 05 2013
6 Technology Trends That Matter to Your Real Estate Business

6 Technology Trends That Matter to Your Real Estate Business

The multiple roles that a real estate professional performs on a daily basis have remained, for the most part, unchanged over the years. What has changed is how information is delivered and exchanged. From cloud computing to social networks, clients are looking to real estate professionals to Continue Reading

Dec 07 2012
13 Easy Steps to Optimize your Website for SEO

13 Easy Steps to Optimize your Website for SEO

Social media marketing may be hot, but online search is still king. That makes it imperative for real estate professionals to have a website that finds itself at the top of major search sites like Google and Bing. If you do not show up at the top, you are missing an opportunity to drive qualified Continue Reading

Aug 17 2012
Consumer Online Search Inspiring Growth in Real Estate Industry

Consumer Online Search Inspiring Growth in Real Estate Industry

Internet search has grown to become an integral part of the lives of savvy retail consumers. Many consumers now find it convenient to shop and buy commodities online. While the retail industry still leads the pack in e-commerce, the real estate industry is quickly catching up. Just a few years Continue Reading