19 September 2014

Open House Tips – Staging For Success


We’re well into our Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate National Open House Month and happy to be sending out these Open House tips for everyone.

Today’s focus is all about staging tips to consider – working with what’s on hand and what you might want to bring with you to the house. Be sure to let us know in the comments below if you’ve got a tip that’s working particularly well for you!

1. Make sure the landscaping is well maintained. First impressions will get people out of the car and into the home.

Clean Slate Open House Tip_Landscaping

2. De-personalize the home, and don’t be afraid to offer staging suggestions.

Clean Slate Open House Tip_DePersonalize

3. Play Beatles music softly in the background.  Everyone loves the Beatles and you might get a few folks singing along.

Clean Slate open House Tips_Yellow Submarine

4. Be careful with using scents.  Remember, not all scents agree with all people.

Clean Slate Open House Tip_Scents

5. Have a small giveaway, such as a cookbook (Better Homes and Gardens® cookbook, anyone?), prominently displayed and use the sign-in sheet as a raffle entry to win it.  Clean Slate Open House Tips_BHG Cookbook

6. Buy a customized welcome mat for the front door. It will automatically differentiate you from the competition, and they will know your name walking in.

Clean Slate Open House Tip_Welcome Mat

If you’ve missed our other Open House tips, see Doing Your Homework and Getting Their Attention. Check out our Facebook page if you’d like to learn more about our Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Open House Sweepstakes. Don’t forget to like the page while you’re there!

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