Dec 30 2013
Growing Your Real Estate Brokerage

12 Steps for Growing your Real Estate Brokerage

Like most businesses in the real estate industry, brokerages must grow at a rate in sync with or even ahead of the communities they serve in order to prosper and profit. In today’s market, it’s prudent to take advantage and expand now while real estate values are still on the rebound. Here are Continue Reading

Mar 13 2013
change agent bhgre

Agent of Change: A Conversation with Power Broker Miguel Berger

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Miguel Berger, broker owner Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Tech Valley face-to-face. While Miguel and I had spent quite a bit of time getting to know each other across various social media channels, we had not met in person. Miguel is a prime Continue Reading

Mar 01 2013
bhgre fusion 2013

Highlights from FUSION 2013: A Conversation with Alex Perriello and Sherry Chris

Alex Perriello, President and CEO of The Realogy Franchise Group joined us at our recent Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate brand conference in Las Vegas and shared insights into the housing market and advice on how real estate professionals can succeed in 2013. Below are highlights from the Continue Reading

Nov 13 2012
How You Can Be Better with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate

How You Can “Be Better” with Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate

As a world-class brand, we at Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate strive to be an industry leader by providing our network of over 7500 real estate professionals with the innovative tools necessary to not just succeed, but thrive by gaining the competitive edge within their prospective Continue Reading

Sep 21 2011

Realogy CEO Advocates for the Industry

Realogy CEO Richard Smith recently hosted a conference call for top brokers affiliated with a Realogy brand. During the call several topics were discussed. The good news: We believe the housing market is near the end of this cycle correction. In our view, existing home sales appear to have Continue Reading

Jul 18 2011

Demographic Shifts Change Housing Market

Knowing what the demographics are in your local market will help you determine opportunities and marketing strategies to connect with local buyers and sellers.  One thing to bear in mind is how demographic shifts in the U.S. population not only impact household makeup, but also housing Continue Reading

Jun 21 2011
How Much Longer Can Homebuyers Really Afford to Wait?

How Much Longer Can Homebuyers Really Afford to Wait?

The affordability quotient for buyers is extraordinary at this time. In fact, it is difficult to find a good reason why qualified buyers should wait any longer. Money is available for buyers with a good credit history, home prices have fallen over the past four years and in June 2011, mortgage rates Continue Reading

May 11 2011


Change is all around us: we change service providers, change managers, change employees, we even sometimes change our company’s name. Proverbs talk about it (“The more things change…”), and the 80s band Expose points out that people and seasons do it too. So with all our experience, why do so many Continue Reading

May 04 2011
What’s Really Behind a Bad Attitude?

What’s Really Behind a Bad Attitude?

This is a true story that happened in an actual sales office. The agents in a particular real estate office wanted to revamp the picture display cases in the front windows and someone needed to take charge of rotating them on a weekly basis. This job was time intensive, not an earning opportunity Continue Reading

Apr 13 2011
Driving Per Person Production Through Creative Analytics & Coaching

Driving Per Person Production Through Creative Analytics & Coaching

I strongly encourage leaders in real estate to challenge the traditional concept called “the 80/20 rule”, which states that 80% of the sales are transacted by 20% of the agents. With proper measurement, coaching and support, I believe that a far higher percentage of the sales agent population could Continue Reading

Feb 24 2011
Financing, Financing, Financing ….It’s all in the Financing!

Financing, Financing, Financing ….It’s all in the Financing!

Five years after we entered this current downturn, some real estate professionals still attempt to close transactions through the sole use of traditional forms of financing. By traditional, I am referring to “30-year fixed”, “ARMs” and “Balloon” mortgages, yet these financial tools can hardly be Continue Reading