Mar 20 2014

The Impact of Office Design on Your Business

Earlier this week, we hosted another fantastic Google + Hangout, this time on the topic, "The Impact of Office Design on Business." Thanks again to our speakers, Susana Murphy from Alante Real Estate, Aman Daro from Red Oak Realty, Eric Post from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Realty Continue Reading

Nov 07 2013
BHGRE Clean Slate_Strategies to Growing and Sustaining Your Business

Three Strategies to Growing and Sustaining Your Business

Even when affiliated with a nationwide brand, real estate professionals are entrepreneurs. They prospect clients, cultivate relationships and secure commissions. Periodically, it is prudent to step back and consider strategies for growth. While market fluctuations and trends come and go, certain Continue Reading

Sep 16 2013
attributes successful real estate professional

4 Key Talent Attributes of a Ninja Real Estate Professional

Ninja sales trainer Terri Johnson is a dynamic and enthusiastic speaker. As I listened in on an exclusive training class for the Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate network, I felt her passion for the topic shine through. As she discussed the top four key attributes all exceptional (ninja) Continue Reading

Sep 09 2013
power of optimism in the workplace

The Power of Optimism in the Workplace: Who’s Your Bert and Ernie?

Who doesn't remember Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street? It was one of my favorite shows growing up and one I studied as an adult. Bert and Ernie were complete opposites. Bert was the negative one, always putting Ernie down for his enthusiastic and optimistic approach while Ernie persevered, Continue Reading

Aug 15 2013
change agent

Change Agent: An Interview with Kelly Mitchell, Agent Caffeine

Today we begin a new interview series designed to invoke passion and purpose into your business. In the “Change Agent” series, I will be speaking with industry leaders about the driving force behind their business success and what keeps them at the top of their game. Each interview will offer Continue Reading

Aug 07 2013
Technology Tools Every Agent Should Use

5 Technology Tools Every Agent Should Use

For the last couple of years, real estate technology tools have been rolling out at a fast and furious pace. As a real estate professional, I eagerly scrambled to keep up as a slower market afforded me the time and opportunity. However, earlier this year as the market began to improve and my time Continue Reading

Aug 01 2013
4 Keys to Building a Winning Company Culture

4 Keys to Building a Winning Company Culture

Every broker knows that great agents are the key to a solid brokerage business. Attracting and retaining top talent is a constant priority. A winning company culture – although hard to define – is an effective means of maintaining a strong roster of agents. But how do you do that? While Continue Reading

Jul 31 2013
Creating Customer WOW in Your Business

Creating Customer WOW in Your Business

Over the last two weeks I had the privilege of sharing concepts with the team at Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate. During the two webinars we talked about creating customer WOW and how the “little things” can truly make a big difference. Below are a few of the highlights and key points we Continue Reading

Jun 27 2013
Real Estate Lessons Learned From Superman

4 Important Real Estate Lessons Learned From Superman

Superman is one of the greatest stories told through motion picture. At least that’s the way this girl growing up in the 1970’s with three major Superman movies sees it. The latest production, Man of Steel is definitely a cut above the rest, with a story line that has twists and turns, keeping Continue Reading

Mar 13 2013
change agent bhgre

Agent of Change: A Conversation with Power Broker Miguel Berger

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Miguel Berger, broker owner Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Tech Valley face-to-face. While Miguel and I had spent quite a bit of time getting to know each other across various social media channels, we had not met in person. Miguel is a prime Continue Reading

Oct 17 2011
real estate agent referral

To Have and to Hold: A Real Estate Story

My husband and I bought our dream house in early 2010.  We worked with a wonderful real estate agent who more than earned her commission. She started working with us two years before that and accompanied us to countless open houses and showings.  She proactively worked with us to understand what Continue Reading