Nov 27 2012
Next Generation Buyers Savvy, Sophisticated and Ready to Buy

Next Generation Buyers: Savvy, Sophisticated and Ready to Buy!

If you want to know who will push the economy forward in coming years, look no further than Generations X and Y. The Generation X and Y age group, ranging from 18-48 is 103 million strong making them a group of consumers and eventual homebuyers that will make a major impact on the market. I had Continue Reading

Oct 22 2012

Do You Think You Know Gen X and Gen Y? Think Again….

Out of the housing downturn has emerged a new, more informed homebuyer. A homebuyer that is willing to do their homework and eager to earn the right to homeownership. These findings, detailed in a national survey released today by Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate, point to a an enlightened, Continue Reading