Nov 27 2012
Next Generation Buyers Savvy, Sophisticated and Ready to Buy

Next Generation Buyers: Savvy, Sophisticated and Ready to Buy!

If you want to know who will push the economy forward in coming years, look no further than Generations X and Y. The Generation X and Y age group, ranging from 18-48 is 103 million strong making them a group of consumers and eventual homebuyers that will make a major impact on the market. I had Continue Reading

Oct 22 2012

Do You Think You Know Gen X and Gen Y? Think Again….

Out of the housing downturn has emerged a new, more informed homebuyer. A homebuyer that is willing to do their homework and eager to earn the right to homeownership. These findings, detailed in a national survey released today by Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate, point to a an enlightened, Continue Reading

Apr 21 2011
Don’t Throw the Baby (Boomer) Out with the Bath Water

Don’t Throw the Baby (Boomer) Out with the Bath Water

I am sure this is not the first article to use this phrase in conjunction this particular subject, but I will give Wendy Forsythe, SVP of Network Services for Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate, credit for pointing out that this would be the ideal title for this post. And she was right. As any Continue Reading

Nov 17 2010
Lifestyle Branding-In, Traditional Branding-Out

Lifestyle Branding-In, Traditional Branding-Out

There has been a shift in branding strategies in our industry over the last 12-24 months. Clever real estate professionals have finally figured out that the traditional branding approaches our industry has been using don't apply in today's market place, and have developed more customer friendly Continue Reading

Jul 17 2009
Organizing Thoughts and Ideas

Organizing Thoughts and Ideas

Each day I'm bombarded with ideas, thoughts and perspectives. So many that I realized if I didn't find a way to organize them, I'd forget them. By the time I scan the latest blogs and e-newsletters, talk with people, watch some TV, get through a chapter of the latest book on my list, skim Continue Reading

Apr 20 2009
Don’t Say These Things If You Want to Attract Gen Y Women

Don’t Say These Things If You Want to Attract Gen Y Women

I was at the gym last weekend reciting the no pain no gain mantra while trying to block out the noise around me, when my thoughts got interrupted by two words "real estate" -- spoken by the ladies chatting next to me. Enough with my personal pep talk, this peeked my interest. I gently nudged Continue Reading

Dec 16 2008

Who Are These People We Call REALTORS®?

Insight on that question can be found in the 2008 National Association of REALTORS® Member Profile. If you are looking to catch up on some reading this holiday season,  add this report to the stack on your bedside table. Here are some of the highlights I found interesting: The typical Continue Reading

Aug 29 2008

Coaching Versus Managing Gen X and Gen Y Agents

Posted by Wendy Forsythe I was speaking with a broker the other day who was sharing his frustrations with attracting and retaining "younger" agents. It was his opinion that Gen Y and Gen X candidates don't understand what it takes to be successful in our industry and aren't willing to work hard. Continue Reading

Aug 20 2008

Engaging New Talent Online

Posted by Wendy Forsythe Long gone are the days of spending your entire career with one company or even within one field. Americans typically change jobs every four years. Despite the enormous pool of talent out there, many of us often have a difficult time attracting new talent to our companies. Continue Reading