Sep 23 2013
social media tools

5 Must-Have Social Media Tools for Real Estate Pros

To succeed at capturing the attention of today’s homebuyer and seller, real estate professionals ought to maintain an active and engaged online presence. Social networks once seen as an option are becoming an increasingly important marketing tool. The days of a hit or miss social media strategy Continue Reading

Sep 03 2013
customer service techniques

Great Customer Service: Techniques that Make You Unforgettable [Google+ Hangout]

As part of our ongoing Beta Brokerage project, we invite you to join our next Beta Broker Hangout on Google+. We're planning a lively discussion with two successful brokers on Great Customer Service: Techniques that Make You Unforgettable. Join our 1-hour discussion with two brokers who will Continue Reading

Aug 27 2013
google plus for real estate

Google+ for Real Estate: How to Get Into the Game

Whether you love it or hate it, there is no denying the power of Google+. With over 359 million active users, gone are the days when you could avoid this so-called “ghost town” of a social media network. I interviewed Google+ evangelist Peg Fitzpatrick, to find strategic ways to help you Continue Reading

Jul 22 2013
Mobile Marketing Edge

Gain the Mobile Marketing Edge in Your Business

More than half the people you meet on a daily basis own a smartphone. In an IDC study sponsored by Facebook entitled "Always Connected: How Smartphones and Social Keep Us Engaged," nearly 80% of respondents reported that their smartphone was within hands reach for all but two hours of their Continue Reading

Sep 27 2011

The REport

 The direct competition to Facebook has begun with the official opening of Google’s social networking site, Google+, after three months as an invite-only service.  The service features video “hangouts," where as many as 10 people can converse simultaneously.  It could have some business utility for Continue Reading

Sep 06 2011

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Did you know that the fastest-growing group of social networking site users is those age 65 and older?  According to the Pew Research Center, use of social networking sites by this age group has grown more than 150% over the past two years.  Something to think about if you are targeting this Continue Reading

Aug 16 2011

The REport

Thirty years ago, the PC was born. It is truly amazing to look back at all of the innovations of the past three decades, knowing that the future is full of possibilities!  We have come a long way since 64 kilobytes of memory.  What was your first PC? If you like to go by a nickname, you are out of Continue Reading

Aug 09 2011

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Tablets galore! Do you live in one of the most iPad-friendly cities in the country? According to Men’s Health, Plano, Texas supports the device best due to “tablet use based on ad impressions from mobile ad network Chitika, the number of Apple and Best Buy stores per capita, and the percentage of Continue Reading

Jul 26 2011

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Food trucks are easily one of the biggest phenomenons in the culinary world over the past few years. Their success in a crowded field is often dependent on their social media savvy. Mashable looked at five of the most innovative campaigns. One standout is Mexicue, a BBQ truck that crowdsources menu Continue Reading

Jul 12 2011

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Facebook made its “awesome” announcement last week, introducing video-chatting service Skype into the site. Do you find this “awesome”?Step aside, Myspace. LinkedIn is now the second most popular social networking site behind Facebook. Visitors to the site in June were up 63 percent from a year Continue Reading

Jul 05 2011

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In an interesting social media initiative, American Express is allowing small business customers to purchase Facebook ads with Membership Rewards points.  Each $6,750 spent with American Express can be redeemed for $50 worth of Facebook advertising.  Would you redeem your points for some real estate Continue Reading