23 May 2008

A Real “Tweet” – Twitter That Is

Posted by Kevin Doell

We had dinner with the guys from Domus Consulting the other night. Kevin Boer and Pat Kitano dropped in from California to talk shop on social media. Smart guys. They were talking social media and Twitter, the social media micro-blogging tool that has been the rage of late. Many people are beginning to tinker on how to make it work for themselves. Even news media such as Reuters and the BBC are exploring ways to incorporate the tool into their news gathering activities.

For my part, I realize I have to get my “twitter fingers” on. It’s not that simple and there’s a learning curve involved. But so far so good. I’m set up on Twitter at “kvdoell.” And I even set it up to drive the “tweets” automatically to a page on our blog. Watching it work was pretty cool! I felt 10 years younger. Maybe twenty. Ok, 25.

At dinner the other night, I pitched a Twitter idea to Kevin B. Were I an agent, I would set up a Twitter account and market it on all my collateral to pick up a following. Then, whenever a new hot property came on the market, or an interesting bit of real estate news hit, I would send a “Tweet” to alert everyone and start a little buzz going.

I imagine, there are any number of people you could get on board with this slick little marketing platform. Besides those people in your sphere of influence who consider real estate as sport, think of all the service providers who would love that real time intelligence?

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2 thoughts on “A Real “Tweet” – Twitter That Is

  1. Pleasure meeting up with you guys and having dinner!

    Twitter is one of those things where it’s not yet crystal clear exactly where the business benefit is going to be, but it’s a big enough phenomenon that it’s a safe bet there will be business benefit at some point in the future.

    Here’s how we see this going forward in real estate:

    First, exactly how you described, real estate agents becoming the go-to source of information about their neighborhood via twitter. (See my 3oceans persona on Twitter, where I’m experimenting with precisely that.)

    Secondly, we see mainstream media beginning to use Twitter in two directions:
    Outbound — alert followers that a new article has come online. The New York Times is already doing this quite effectively.
    Inbound — using Twitter to suck in local content. The Huffington Post is doing this already.

    There’s no reason why the same thing couldn’t happen in real estate — say, the SF Chron “following” 50 local Twittering Realtors as a way of keeping its readership abreast of the market.

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