10 November 2011

Are You Remarkable in Your Business


In an industry where originality and differentiation do not come easy, standing out amongst the rest of your peers can be an ongoing battle.  Being remarkable as defined by Webster is the ability to “Attract notice by being unusual, striking or extraordinary.” 

Being remarkable means going above the norm by doing, saying, offering or being that individual who puts more heart, soul and thought into your actions.  Being remarkable takes a common occurrence and turns it into an exceptional moment of opportunity. 

Being remarkable also requires offering remarkable customer service.  After all, remarkable service translates into remarkable results.  So how do you define remarkable?  Is it answering your phone before 8am and after 5pm, offering a sympathetic ear to a distressed seller or giving a few extra minutes of advice to a first time home buyer? 

Being remarkable happens in both the seemingly inconsequential moments as well as the monumental ones.  No matter how you define it, finding your remark-ability is simply determining what being remarkable looks like in your business.

How to Be Remarkable in Your Business

Be Innovative

Stepping outside the common everyday strategies within your business can be inspiring.  It is inspiring not only to you, but to those around you as well.  Consumers are hungry for ground breaking; inventive ideas that tell them you offer more than the average salesperson.  Maybe it’s a new system to track and capture buyer leads that give your seller hope that even in our current market, their home will sell.  It could be a marketing plan that adds the WOW one-two punch to your listing presentation.  Whatever the case, innovation is a welcome change in a world of imitation.

Do the Unexpected

Mediocrity can be summed up in two words: Average and Ordinary.  Doing the unexpected can be the difference between mediocre results and spectacular, life altering accomplishments.

Have your efforts become stale and is your energy waning?  Re-energize by doing something unpredictable, spontaneous and fun within your business.

Break out of the mold and the tried and true of the past.  Break into the new and spectacular YOU!

Cause a Stir

Nothing creates a stir more than controversy.  If you feel stuck in the muck within your business, being a little divisive might be your answer.  Not divisive for the sake of it, but because you are ready to take a stand for what you believe in.  What are you passionate about in your business?  What makes the hair on your neck stand up and take notice?  Being true to who you really are and how you actually feel about your business connects you to the right people.  Read that again.  Be true to YOU and find the right people that will make the right changes within your business.

Do it today.

7 thoughts on “Are You Remarkable in Your Business

  1. Hi Rebekah,

    You're definitely right that customer service should be on the forefront of any business’s attention. If you're running a business, standard day-to-day activities can sometimes get a little overwhelming. If you start losing focus on your customers you're in for some trouble down the road. Every business has competition and if you don't provide remarkable customer service then they probably will. Now if you combine your two ideas and cause a stir around your customer beliefs than you may have a great idea on your hands. Very nice post!

    1. Thank you Chris! It is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day running of our business that we forget how important slowing down to take take care of our customers really is. They truly are the foundation of our business and with all that we juggle; it can be easy to lose sight of that.

  2. Hi,

    I do agree with you that originality and differentiation is not come easy, you have to work hard and sincerely for achieving this. Being remarkable you have to always on toes and ready to face any challenge in the business. You should work within deadline for your business.

  3. Well said Rebekah. Be Innovative-Do the Unexpected-Cause a Stir. I can see your passion of work with these three phrases and that is what I need to always remind myself in this industry. I was caught up by the fact that sometimes I tend to lose sight with my customers and what they need because I'm a little preoccupied of setting up my business to the next level. Basic rule-never lose focus with your customers. I'll always remember that. Thanks a lot for this article I am always happy reading it.



    1. Thank you Rhein! Being remarkable only takes a few additional steps in our process. If we spend a little more time listening, it’s much easier to anticipate the needs of our clients and rise above our competition.

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