30 November 2011

BHGRE Talent Attraction Coaching Program Success Stories


Attracting and retaining talent to a real estate brokerage has never been more important or more challenging then it is in our current market.   At Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate we recognize that identifying the key players in your local market as well as effectively relaying your value proposition can be challenging. 

Those agents that have “weathered the storm” are very specific in what qualities they are looking for when making a company change.  Their needs are very particular, especially when it comes to leadership. 

They require financial stability, support, training, vision, technology, online strategies, lead generation, business systems and most importantly a culture that resonates with who they are as a business professional. 

It was with all of that in mind that we launched the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Talent Attraction Coaching Program.  Our goal is to assist the BHGRE Owners and Managing Brokers in the relationship building process through a series of group coaching calls and accountability measures.

One star that has emerged from our pilot group is Ben Schuyler of the Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate The Beach Company.  Ben has seen outstanding results and shares with us his feedback on what the program has done for his bottom line.

If you are interested in learning more, please visit our website at http://www.bhgrealestate.com/Views/Careers/

2 thoughts on “BHGRE Talent Attraction Coaching Program Success Stories

  1. The Talent Attraction Program and Recruiting Coaching are just two more reasons why I love our brand. What great partners you are in helping us grow. THANK YOU! And congratulations to Ben on doing such a great job – you are an inspiration!

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