15 March 2013

Creating a Successful Lead Generation and Follow-Up System


In a recent survey by Forbes, it was found that over 71{0a8e414e4f0423ce9f97e7209435b0fa449e6cffaf599cce0c556757c159a30c} of Internet leads were lost, marked dead or simply thrown out. So how could this happen when a company’s hard-earned money was allocated and budgeted for online lead generation? It’s simple. Lead management is still a significant problem for many real estate professionals.

While the reality of online lead generation is that many consumers may not be ready to commit right away, real estate professionals cannot take that as a sign to give up on the lead. Systems must be put in place to keep track of, nurture and convert those leads.

Below are three tips to create a successful lead generation and follow-up system!

Assess Your Lead Sources

Once a quarter review where your leads are coming from and which source generated the bulk of your business.

Then create a system to track each of these leads by assigning them to a category. For example: move your leads into an A, B, C or hot, warm cold category. There is no right or wrong way to handle this. Just ensure it is a system that allows you to easily identify each lead and where it is within the process.

This is where a contact management system will be very helpful. Adding these leads to a system that sends useful emails to the warm and cold leads is a great way to stay in touch without manually contacting each lead every week.

Review Contact Management System

Every email you send can be automated through a drip email campaign. They are available from a variety of companies and may be available to you through your brand.

An important note to always remember is that all email must be permission based as well as clear, concise and actionable.

Have a Solid Marketing Foundation

Here are four best practices to utilize:

  • Employ high frequency to stay top of mind
  • Include a high impact message to build a relationship
  • Make it easy to contact and connect with you
  • Always include a call to action

While I believe that technology is essential to keeping and staying in touch with leads, you can only automate so much. The rest will come down to three basic fundamentals of great customer service.

  1. Get back to people quickly
  2. Listen and respond professionally
  3. Do your homework

Think about how you are managing your leads now. Is there room for improvement? Determine what changes you can make and how to capitalize on those leads in a better and more efficient fashion going forward.

6 thoughts on “Creating a Successful Lead Generation and Follow-Up System

    1. Kurt,
      We have the Market Leader CRM for our BHGRE Network. We are doing some real in depth training on it.
      For the record I used to use ACT, Top Producer 8i, but not for personal I am using Google Apps with an CRM plug in called Zoho.

  1. Hi Amy,

    Nice post. Here’s my hypothesis; as real estate agents, we still have not re-conditioned our brains to accept the “new reality” that internet leads (electronic phone calls) are NOT immediate gratification (like the “up” calls of old). And, because we are generating so many internet leads, we tend to blow them off because there will always be more.

    I adapted Ben Kinney’s “10 Days of Pain” lead follow up plan to our internet leads over a year and a half ago. Once a day, for 9 out of 10 days, our agents had to “touch” their lead (e-mail, text and/or phone). Our lead conversion nearly tripled but you would have thought I was Satan by the amount of whining I heard from the troops.

    We are in the process of refining our lead follow system and tailor it to our prototypical e-consumer. Some of our agents have been incredibly successful and others have not. I know you know why. The best follow up system is not a magic CRM, it’s an agent who wants to “eventually” meet their customer…but a good CRM always helps.



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