30 January 2009

Friday Blog Scan: Things we liked from the week that was

It’s amazing how many real estate websites are not cross-browser compatible, meaning they do not work well in recent versions of all major browsers. Browsers other than Internet Explorer account for about 25% of the market now, so this us just plain unacceptable. So we were delighted with James Shiner’s post over at GeekEstate, which explained a simple tool for testing your site for compatibility.

Bob over at Active Rain provides a nice illustration of why the Long Tail matters.

Who needs a fax machine when you have a cell phone?

Reggie introduced us to ZingDing, an interesting take on the virtual tour concept.

Joe over at Sellsius explains TokBox. This could save agents who work with tech savvy client a lot of time.

Happy Weekend!

3 thoughts on “Friday Blog Scan: Things we liked from the week that was

  1. Drew,

    My pleasure for the link. You can become so dependent in you web dev company that you sometimes forget all of the great free tools out there for the simple things like browser compatibility.

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