2 April 2008

I Love You…Kindle!

Posted by Wendy Forsythe

Earlier this year, at the Inman Connect Conference in New York, I was introduced to Kindle! This gizmo is all the things I’ve ever wanted in a companion: a great communicator, dependable and good looking. I waited a long time for Kindle, but it was worth the wait!

I’m referring of course to Amazon’s Electronic Reading Device called Kindle. I’ve been showing off my Kindle around the office and professing my admiration to just about anyone who will listen. So I thought I’d blog about my new friend.

The Kindle is great. I can make notes, highlights and various other notations in my books using the device. I can browse and download new books anytime. Magazines and newspaper are always waiting for me. The list of cools features goes on and on.

But best off all, 200 books fit into my purse or briefcase! I rarely find that 30-60 minutes I sometimes long for to sit down and read, but I often find a few minutes here or there. Problem is, where is that book I’ve been wanting to browse through? Now with Kindle, it is there ready and waiting. The Kindle only weights 10.3 ounces and is smaller then most paperbacks.

As far as tech gadgets go, this to me is a clear winner. They are back ordered on Amazon but as I mentioned above–well worth the wait!


3 thoughts on “I Love You…Kindle!

  1. I wonder if there’s a real estate application here as well? Perhaps it could be used for downloading disclosure packets and contract documents?

  2. Hi Kevin
    You can actually send documents to Amazon and they will reformat them and send them to your Kindle. The great thing is they also store your documents in a secure Amazon Kindle account for you. So even if you lose your Kindle you don’t lose the information, books, notes, etc. that you have stored on it.

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