17 May 2010

Interview with Foursquare Founder and CEO, Dennis Crowley

In this business, I have my ear to the ground all the time. I make a point of talking to people, and most importantly, asking questions and listening. I never know when a new technology I come across will have a profound impact on the way we structure the real estate brokerage model.

Back in January, I had the opportunity to ask a few questions of Dennis Crowley – CEO of the current belle of the social media start up ball. Particularly this year, Foursquare’s location based service has been attracting mounting attention and has exploded from a few hundred thousand to more than 1 million users in the past few months, with a “check-in” happening every second.  Wow!

The possibilities now for combining the real estate buying experience with augmented reality and other location based content is immense. We are currently looking at strategies for incorporating this sort of technology enabler into our lifestyle brand value proposition.

Ideas for the “next generation brokerage” come from everywhere – view the video below to see my interview where I captured a few more.

[Photo courtesy of DennisCrowley.com & FourSquare.com]

2 thoughts on “Interview with Foursquare Founder and CEO, Dennis Crowley

  1. The data that services like Foursquare can provide is really, really interesting. By nature of scale, I could see companies like Facebook being able to build on early theories: ie…a prospective buyer might be able to be profiled in their own city and agents will be able to tell what areas they might like to live in (even if they are moving into a new city). Tack in their friends' 'likes' and brands will have a crystal clear vision of their buying habits. Search, in general, is about to get much more interesting, especially because the giant is nowhere near as well positioned as some others….

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