7 thoughts on “Vlog: Looking Ahead to a Positive Future

  1. Hey Sherry:

    Here’s positive opportunity #1, to lead off. From my San Diego 2009 market outlook post :


    Communities like Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos, and Escondido in the North County declined as much as 55%, peak to trough. The entire South Bay experienced severe declines. Lower income areas of the City of San Diego and the East County experienced steep declines. Some areas declined so much that their prices have retreated to point where investment makes complete sense. The fundamental value of those properties, as measured by the price to rent ratio, is such that it’s less expensive to own rather than to rent; we haven’t seen that phenomenon in San Diego County since 1999.

    Investors, looking to plunk 20% down and receive positive cash-flow, are finding that bank-owned homes, (as opposed to short sales), in distressed areas, are priced so well that they can achieve that objective. We work with real estate agents who are astute at identifying such opportunities and can help you if you are quick to act. We expect those opportunities to remain plentiful throughout the first half of 2009.

  2. You have it so right! To prove that-

    I am pleased to announce that we hired BOBHAY.com Team to Better Homes and Gardens Wilk & Assoc.

    Bob Hay is President of the Pennsylvania Assoc of Realtors and is well respested in the real estate industry- from Washington DC to NAR.

    With him is Lisa Sanderson a profession sales person who’s main market is the internet. This goirl is HOT! She is a professoinal Blogger and a top producing realtor. Her opening remarks about joining ” wow everyone here is friendly, and thier busy. They’re holding a welcome party for us Monday- how cool is that.”

    Sherry- I believe. I get it.

  3. @Brian – thanks for your comment, this is exactly the type of opportunity I am talking about! The new “wealthy of the future” will get their start right now, making even a small investment in real estate now, not waiting. Every sale will bring us that much closer to a stronger real estate market and a stronger economy. You know almost everyone is waiting to see some sign of positive growth before they jump in – the smartest ones are leading the charge right now. As for brokers land agents, spend your time looking for those hidden gems, agents to recruit, buyers to invest, listings that will sell. Look forward to seeing you friday, Brian…

  4. @Tom, you are truly leading your company in the right direction – your company is a poster child for the future of the business. I am proud to be your business partner! Please keep doing more of the same…

  5. Clarice Penna,Sales Manager Naomi Pines Office Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins and Associates says:

    Sherry, your vision is “sooooo” positive and refreshing, we all have to remember that WE are the ones in charge of our own thinkng and our attitudes. I believe that having the outlook you’re talking about is the vision that gives us the ability to see what others only dream. Thank you for sharing what you were thinking.

  6. This video blog is very telling of the mindset of real estate brokers and folks like Sherry Chris. It’s these people that got our country into this housing mess in the first place (along with mortgage brokers), as brokers and real estate companies were pushing people to buy buy buy real estate. No matter whether the person could afford is.

    Now Ms. Chris wants to put her head in the sand and pretend that this housing mess doesn’t exist. She obviously just wants her company to make money, and not help people that real estate execs like herself put in financial harm’s way.

    The National Association of Realtors says that 35-40% of all home sales are distressed sales (either short-sale or foreclosures sales). When will the industry stand up and acknowledge that they are at fault with causing this housing crisis???

  7. Mr. Slouff,

    Thank you for sharing your opinion on this issue.

    While I don’t agree with your position as to the cause of today’s housing troubles, I agree that there are many families that find themselves in difficult positions in an economy that is challenged on many fronts. And by no means are real estate professionals immune to these economic pressures. Many are struggling to support their own families during these times.

    I do, however believe in the message of optimism I shared in the video. It is import for entrepreneurs to maintain a positive outlook and to seek out those opportunities that can lead to a brighter future.

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