26 April 2010

March Madness at BHGRE

We’ve had our own version of March Madness happening at BHGRE over the last 6 weeks. While much of the sports world and fans were huddled watching basketball and discussing game play. Our team and our new franchisees were huddled discussing transition details and announcement days. That is because in a span of just over 30 days we welcomed four new companies to our network.

If you’ve ever been involved in a transition or any type of fundamental shift in operating practices at a real estate office you know that this is not an easy task. There are hundreds of details to be considered and managed. We literally have dozens of checklists covering everything from legal tasks, to marketing, to technology, to announcement day and more. But those are just details. Ordering business cards, lawn signs, converting websites and marketing materials are tasks that the people involved are experts at doing. They are critical to the success of the transition and take lots of time, but are relatively straight forward.

Managing the change from the people perspective is where the planning and consideration really needs to be focused. We are in conversations with the owners of the companies often for months before they make the final decision to align their businesses with BHGRE. We get to know them, their goals, their objectives, their challenges, and their fears. I often joke its like dating. Meeting after meeting, telephone call after telephone call we are evaluating whether we like each other and whether or not we want to spend the next several years mutually dependent upon each other.

But then there are the agents in each of the offices. For the most part these agents don’t know about the change until the day before or at the actual day of the announcement. You can imagine the shocker that is for some people. And although some are not very happy that they were not told earlier, most understand the reasons for “keeping the secret” until game time.

Although the play book is keep secret leading up to announcement day. Once that day arrives and we take the court it’s an open book. Why the owner made the decision to partner with BHGRE is openly discussed, what’s in it for the agent is revealed and what happens next is clearly spelled out.

Being part of the BHGRE family from literally day one has given me a unique perspective. As we welcome each new company to our network it is almost like welcoming a new sibling to the family. Each has their own personality and expectations. No two are alike. But just like our parents told us “we love you all the same”. The key to success is understanding the culture of the company and integrating the BHGRE brand, tools, services and technology into that culture.

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks catching up on some much need sleep and preparing for continued growth of the brand. There are more announcements being planned as I type this.

All of us at BHGRE would like to thank the dozens of vendors who worked to make our March Madness voyage a success. Both our national vendor network and local vendors in the markets of our new affiliates have been amazing. Another big thanks to our internal  team and the local market transition teams who worked basically around the clock for the last week of March and first two weeks of April.

Lastly, thank you to all the new agents we’ve welcomed recently. Your trust in your broker/owner and management teams and you’re willingness to share the vision of the BHGRE brand with us is appreciated. We are truly “igniting the future” together.

Here is a recap of the companies who joined BHGRE during our March Madness run:

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Florida 1st

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Anderson Properties

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate III

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Desert Properties

6 thoughts on “March Madness at BHGRE

  1. I think you give a great example to brokerages thinking about a change. Transition is never easy, but just as its a real estate brokerage to help a buyer and seller with the transition from one home to the next. Its the job of your team to help with the transition for your brokerage.

    Trust does go along way in making the process go more smoothly.

    1. Thanks Darin, I appreciate that. Change is the one thing we can count on. What really excites all of us is how positive it is when the agents welcome the change with open arms and use it as an opportunity to share some good news with their clients. In markets that are challenging it is a welcome opportunity to reconnect with clients with some news.

      1. I can see how it s good excuse for agents to re-engage their sphere. When I've transitioned agents from one brokerage to the next, I always shared that with them. If you haven't be in touch with your sphere lately, now is a good time and a good reason to. 🙂

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