15 January 2010

New Technology Showcased at Real Estate Connect 2010

An overview of new technology being showcased at Real Estate Connect 2010. Conference goers talk about their company’s technology and how it impacts the Real Estate industry.

5 thoughts on “New Technology Showcased at Real Estate Connect 2010

  1. One of the interviewees (don't remember which one) touches on something very important with regard to mobile: device detection. This, since the beginning of mobile technology, has been the most difficult part of the experience to implement correctly–and as such, has been the most expensive part of the process. I think this is changing, and it will likewise change the mobile game. When free plugins for a WP blog, for instance, can do this with 5 minute installation, vendors charging $2,000 just for the detection aspect of an app will be left scrambling for new business unless they seriously update their pricing structure.

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