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  1. From Jjim Woodard:
    I've been in the communications business for many years, and am more excited about the potential of Vooks than any other high-tech media form that's come down the pike. It's particularly valuable for real estate professionals, as is now demonstrated by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate.

  2. Sherry, I love the vook concept and it should be a home run for authors or those who want to be. But it's the content that has to be relevant and it has to be real if you're using it to sell something whether it's a product or a concept. I downloaded your vook, and I guess it's something that's going to be built upon going forward, but for now what I saw and read wasn't really all that exciting, to make me want to check back in for updates. The title lead me to believe that I was going to see something groundbreaking, and I was excited to dive into it. However, I didn't see anything groundbreaking, just the same ol stuff. I think BHG has a great concept, but once you get past the first few pages on the local websites, what we're left with is what everyone else has. I know what I'm saying isn't going to be popular, but the industry has a view of itself that differs from outsiders.

    On a recent 1000wattblog post that Joel Burslem posted…"Google Images refreshed; real estate search still seems stale" he states "give users what they really want". Users want valuable information about the home, neighborhood, community and schools…and they want it presented in a way that they want it…not the way realtors want them to have it. They don't want the canned stuff, that didn't take any effort and is mostly outdated.

    You can provide all the gizmos, and doodads that are out there to attract people, but if the content isn't there once they hit the site, then it's worthless. To me if I was trying to sell my home, I would expect my agent to attract as many people as possible to my listing, and once they found it, I'd expect them to show and explain to everyone why my home is so amazing and why they just found their dream home. That would be groundbreaking, even earth shattering, but no one provides that. It's the WOW factor, and it doesn't exist anywhere in real estate.

    Technology is great, but it's all about the content that help sell products that's more important. Selling homes isn't about brokers and agents, it's about sellers and buyers, and the industry doesn't get that concept.

    I look forward to future installments.

    1. Hi Steve,
      Thank you for your feedback, I do appreciate it. You are right, the first few chapters are not really all that ground breaking, it is a work in progress so to speak. The idea behind writing the Vook is that it would replace a traditional book about the history of the BHGRE brand. In future chapters we hope to capture the true history (past, present and future) in a multimedia format. I hope you will continue to download chapters (our next 3 chapters will be released in September) – thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts.

      1. Sherry, I love the vook concept and what you're trying to accomplish with it. Hopefully Realogy lets you keep it unique to your brand and doesn't dilute it with the other firms. I hope you're the one who finally cracks open the industry and gives us something unique and interesting. Being different is a competition killer, and you're moving in that direction. Looking forward to the next installments. Much success.

  3. Thank you Steve for the encouragement! Keep your thoughts and comments coming. There is nothing more powerful than the open sharing of ideas. That allows us all to be better. Remember – the name of our Vook is "Rule Breakers" …that is a tall order to live up to 🙂

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