30 June 2010

Practice What You Preach


We tell our agents the number one thing they must do to get more business is prospect, prospect, and then prospect some more.

We tell them to:

  • Set goals.
  • Have a prospecting plan.
  • Practice your value proposition elevator speech.
  • Pick up the phone and call expired listing owners and for sale by owners.
  • Create contact campaigns with follow up and tracking.
  • Utilize social media networking for visibility.
  • Be visible in the community and talk to people every day about real estate.
  • Include both proactive and passive prospecting activities every week.

We tell them when they do these things, they will get more listings, have more sales and make more money.

Talent attraction is prospecting for broker and managers. How do you approach talent attraction? The competition is stronger than ever to attract and retain good talent in real estate companies if we are to grow and prosper. The best way to accomplish the goal is to practice what we preach.

6 thoughts on “Practice What You Preach

  1. If you are going to be a leader, you better demostrate.

    Great thoughts Paulette.

    I was just talking to a broker today and asked him "What does your ideal recruit look like?"

    I think its important to start their. Decide what what the talent looks like so that when you find it, you'll recognize it.

    1. @Darin, So true. We need to know what we're looking for before we go "shopping" for talent … new or experienced. Even before that, we must need to know what we offer – why would they come to us?

  2. This is more of a "talentless pool" for those who work from such basic objectives, and they shouldn't be selling anything let alone the most expensive and risky purchase that someone will ever make. This is the same basics that the industry has been preaching since the 50's…and we haven't gotten past that. If you want to raise the bar and get the public to take us seriously and think of us as experts, then agents have to become the best trained and best educated sales people, and that's not nearly the case. If all an agent is capable of are the basics, then we have no real value to someone who is risking so much to purchase a home. If we fail ourselves, then we fail the buyers and sellers as well. We really need to get past all this elementary school stuff and kick into a higher gear and mandate a higher degree of education for all agents.

    1. Thanks for your comments, Brad. You may have missed the point here. This post addresses attracting new business, not training agents to work with buyers and sellers. There are some things that don't change no matter the year. They are fundamentals not basics. And whether we are attracting buyers, sellers, or new talent, we must practice the fundamentals. I agree we should continually raise the bar on training and educating our agents. When they affiliate with us, it is our responsibility to deliver the most up to date and effective methods of servicing the client. Even then, they will still need to know the fundamentals of attracing new business if they are to have any clients to serve.

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