7 January 2009

Real Estate BarCamp – New York (#rebcny)

According to Wikipedia a BarCamp is a user generated conference whose content is provided by the participants mainly using a workshop setting. That means no formal agenda in advance, just a group of volunteers who run the day.

On Tuesday, I kicked off 2009 by participating in the REBarCamp in NY. Our day started with Daniel Rothamel and Todd Carpenter asking the audience what topics they would like to discuss. Topics were identified, broken into 45 minute workshops, facilitators for the workshops were selected, sections of the room were identified for each topic, and off we went.

What followed was an amazing exchange of information. People shared their knowledge on using social media, getting traffic online, using video, encouraging agents to use online tools, social networks, and the list goes on. I have pages of notes! No one dominated any workshop or conversation. Everyone shared and asked questions freely. It was one of the best days of learning and networking I’ve been fortunate enough to experience in a long time.

For any of you that are starting the New Year wondering if investing time in social media like Facebook, Twitter and blogging is worthwhile and how you can more effectively use these tools. You should have been there because you would have heard example after example of practicing agents doing business because of their online activities. You can go to www.rebarcamp.com to see if a BarCamp is being planned in your area.

Thanks to everyone for making this a great event and sharing your knowledge!

7 thoughts on “Real Estate BarCamp – New York (#rebcny)

  1. I was part of the very first REBarCamp at Inman SF 2008.
    I wasn’t able to make this event but I can only imagine it’s even better.

    a BIG thumbs up to everyone who made this all possible!

  2. Same here Mike, I’m sorry I missed this one too but it made it to the first here in SF. . . But I’m getting ready for Inman SF 2009. It’s by far my favorite because despite it being summer, the weather is normally quite good. Oh and where can we pick up the cliff notes to this bar camp?

  3. Thanks for the comments. Check back next week for more details on my takeaways from Barcamp and the Inman Conference. It was a great few days of learning. I’ve got lots of notes to sort through over the weekend.

    Also check the http://www.rebarcamp/newyork website as some of us will be posting there.

    I hope to see you at in SF!

  4. BarCamp was great! I was a BarCamp Virgin but really got a lot of useful information, creative new ideas plus incredible networking.

    Thanks BHG for your support of this event!

  5. Rob is right: Better Homes and Gardens’ participation in these things is awesome and it makes me proud to be associated with the name! Heard lots of great things at the conferences about the company from lots of ‘big names’ 🙂

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