28 June 2021

7 Topics for your Summer Real Estate Blog


Successful real estate agents know they should blog regularly, but even the pros get stumped sometimes when it comes to real estate blog topics.

That’s why, as we head into a new season, we want to help you provide the best content for your real estate blog. Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate wants you to have the best answers to buyers’ and sellers’ questions during a time of year when real estate transactions are at a peak.

When you blog about tips, advice, and information that helps homeowners and buyers meet their needs, you have a better chance at earning their business.

So, to help you get more leads and clients during summer 2021, here are 7 ideas for your real estate blog.

1. Current Market Conditions Recap

Consumers appreciate receiving real estate market reports from local real estate teams, especially during traditionally competitive seasons like summer. As homeowners think about selling when buyers dream of moving into new homes, you can help everyone navigate the process.

Your summer real estate market conditions blog posts don’t have to be too technical. They just need to offer a pulse on what’s happening in your local area. They should summarize the questions, “What is the market like right now?” and “What are home values in X city currently?”

Your blog can talk about the number of sales in your area or how many listings are on your local MLS. It may mention low, median, and high sales prices in your city.

2. Local Restaurant Reviews

With all we’ve gone through due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many people eagerly anticipate returning to dining at restaurants. What a perfect opportunity, then, to show buyers around your local culinary scene.

Your 2021 summer real estate blog can offer roundup posts on the best places for outdoor dining. It may also highlight some favorite eateries that are back open and ready for indoor business. You could blog about restaurants that have survived coronavirus and detail their specific stories.

3. Interest Rates and Mortgage Processes

Since summer is the peak season for real estate transactions, there will likely be many buyers entering the market for the first time. You should be a source of expertise to new homeowners by explaining interest rates and the mortgage loan process.

Your blog can focus on understanding interest rates in general, or shopping for rates, rate guarantees, and the various types of interest rates like fixed rates and adjustable rates. You might also delve into the mortgage process in terms of explaining points, point discounts, lender credits, credit expectations, the mortgage application process, and the various steps from contract to close.

4. Summer Events Roundup

Analyzing a neighborhood is part of the home-buying process, so help buyers with a blog post roundup that focuses on fun local events. Every city, even the smallest town, has something social going on. We suggest you be the event coordinator for those who want to discover your local area.

While it’s understandable that the current events calendar in your city may not be what it was before Covid, there is surely an event you can lead prospective buyers to. Have concerts in the park opened back up? Does your town have any drive-through events for kids or restaurant weeks coming up? If so, tell buyers where to go and how to enjoy themselves during summer in your city.

5. A Local’s Guide to Fresh Produce

Where do locals shop for fresh produce in your area? Are there regular farmers’ markets during the week? Does your city have any CSAs that buyers should know about?

Getting outdoors and shopping for local food is something that many families look forward to each summer. They love to come home with their bounty and cook up something fresh on the grill for dinner. Others enjoy having CSA farm boxes delivered conveniently to their door. As a local real estate specialist, take it upon yourself to show new community members where to shop for delicious and healthy food.

6. Day Trips Within 50 Miles of Your City

Buyers looking to move to your city from another state will want to know what to do nearby. You can play tour guide by offering ideas for fun day trips within 50 miles. Provide tips for driving or taking public transportation to landmarks, museums, beaches, nature preserves, theme parks, wineries, campsites, and more near you.

7. City Guide

What would tourists want to know before visiting your city? Chances are, new homebuyers wonder the same thing. For your 2021 summer real estate blog, talk about the best things to do in your town. Where do people go for food, culture, entertainment, education, and the outdoors? Write a little about each destination and make sure you include places that speak directly to your target market.

These 7 topics for your 2021 summer real estate blog will help you generate new leads and capitalize on the more than 90% of homeowners who look for homes online.

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