10 November 2016

Recruiting 101: How to Market Yourself to New Agents


Choosing the right real estate agents for your company takes a specific set of recruiting skills. As a leader, you understand that the agents brought into the office are essential to the ultimate success of your business. It’s your real estate agents that define your company’s brand and the experience clients can expect with your services. However, not all real estate agents are created or committed equally, and it can be hard to find the ones that are perfect for your culture. With these recruiting tips, you can create a team of highly qualified, motivated, and reputable agents that will help you to achieve your business goals.

1. Don’t Forget Real Estate Agents Who are “New to the Business”

While older, experienced agents have the skill set (and sales history) you want, there will come a time in which they retire. Unfortunately, that time may be sooner than expected, which will send you back to the first step of Recruiting 101. With the baby boomer generation beginning to retire, there’s no better time to start attracting younger agents.

You want real estate agents that will grow with your company. While newer agents may not have the experience of their more established counterparts, you can expect longevity and growth from the younger professionals within the industry. You will also have more room and flexibility to instill your values and desired skills into these younger (and often more impressionable) agents. You won’t have to overcome or work past any previous training if it conflicts with your own preferences; you’ll be able to start fresh, focusing on your brand and business.

2. Use Modern Marketing Ideas to Recruit

To recruit new agents to the field, you’ll want to consider implementing marketing ideas that appeal to them. We live in a digital age where technology and social media are taking prominence, including within the real estate industry. As such, your brokerage needs to have a strong online presence. Younger generations now will not take any company seriously if they can’t find and learn about it online. So first, strengthen your social media platforms, update your real estate website, and reach out to young agents where they are: online and on mobile.

There is a variety of outreach and cost-effective advertising options online, through social media and search engines, through which you can touch base with potential agents easily and effectively.

3. Use Technology Solutions as an Incentive

Market to all kinds of real estate agents by promoting your tech-savvy approach to the industry. Any successful agent, regardless of his or her age, knows the importance of technology today. As such, they will be enticed by a brokerage that is up to date with modern forms of marketing and tech solutions available for agents. So, determine your offer to help real estate agents stay current with technology, and highlight that throughout your recruiting efforts. If your company can offer modern technological tools and “old school” service principles, you have a recipe for success

4. Ensure Agent Loyalty with Continuing Training

The real estate industry isn’t something you learn once. It’s continuously changing, evolving, and growing, and in order to succeed, real estate agents need to be doing the same. Since you’re spending a significant amount of time recruiting, ensure that it pays off with longevity and loyalty by providing real estate agents with training opportunities at all stages of their careers.

When real estate agents receive support, assistance, and opportunities from their broker, they’re more likely to stay loyal to the brand. Implement mentoring programs, admin and marketing support, and new learning opportunities to recruit committed and dedicated agents.

With these incentives and strategies, you’ll begin to build a strong, lasting, and enjoyable brokerage community right away.

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