17 July 2008

Rudy Pays A Visit!

There are very few people in our real estate and technology world who are recognized by their first name and “Rudy, the Social Media Guru” from Trulia is one of them. He sent me a message on Facebook a few weeks ago suggesting a visit so he could preview what we were working on at Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate LLC. We spent a few hours together Tuesday. Here is a video clip of his visit…

We are counting down the days until our launch. On July 23, at 8:30 a.m. Pacific time, you will be able to watch our press conference at http://tinyurl.com/65lo82.

Hope to see you at Inman’s Real Estate Connect. You can also follow us as we Twitter along at “BHGrealestate” during the conference.

2 thoughts on “Rudy Pays A Visit!

  1. Rudy,
    I, too, have been VERY impressed with the way Sherry and the rest of the Better Homes & Garden Real Estate team have come out of the blocks thus far. Their blog is quickly climbing the ranks of my RSS feed!

    Way to drop my name in there, bro! My check must have actually cleared, huh? Amazing. 🙂

    In a futile attempt to steal their thunder, I too, will be making a big announcement this Tuesday, July 22nd. (Makes me wonder…If a little-known agent makes a noise and nobody hears it, does he still actually make a noise?)

    The great news my corporate connection to Sherry and The BH&G Team will remain in tact! Look forward to bumping into all of you soon. (Not SF, maybe Orlando in the Fall?)

  2. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your comments! And congratulations on winning the YouTube contest! I love your video style… the world needs more agents like you in this business. I will look forward to your announcement on the 22nd.

    By the way, C21 is doing great marketing things. You will be surprised to see a few similarities on the 2 sites, and no, we did not collaborate beforehand. Tom Kunz, CEO of C21, is a wonderful leader.

    Hope to meet you sometime soon,

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