13 November 2009

Sherry Chris Facilitates at REBarCamp in San Diego – Brokerage of the Future

You don’t want to miss this exclusive video. Hear from Sherry Chris, Tom Ferry , Steven Swanepoel, Wendy Forsythe and other industry innovators on what is happening right now as the Brokerage Of the Future takes shape. What you need to know, might have missed but can’t afford not to hear.

A 4 part exclusive video.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

8 thoughts on “Sherry Chris Facilitates at REBarCamp in San Diego – Brokerage of the Future

  1. Wow! Sherry, I wish I was there to participate with this wonderful group of individuals. As I tweeted, brokers need to watch this post (all 4 videos) and take to heart what they will hear. We are entering into exciting times of this paradigm shift that will revolutionize our industry. Thank you for sharing and allowing many of my Twitter friends the opportunity to participate. Mike

  2. Sherry- This is great for those of us that were not able to make it to REBarCamp! Thanks for posting it so quickly, it's the next best thing to being there.
    Katherine Kaghazi, Director of Operations – Shorewood Realtors, Inc.

  3. Thank you for posting this great video from REBarCamp! A lot of great insight here and guidance about what we need to be doing in our businesses. Watched all four segments, much of it reaffirms what were doing right, while other moments are inspiring and get the brain working! In the end, the brokerage of the future helps the client in a much more deliverable, personable, and expedient way as it allows the agents to focus on them.

  4. Hi Sherry,

    Thank you again for facilitating the discussion and recording the session to share with others. I was very insightful to hear from Stefan Swanepoel and Tom Ferry on the subject. Maybe we'll meet again at Inman Connect in NY in 2010?

    All the Best,

    Dale A. Kreiser
    Washington State Broker
    EXP Realty LLC
    425.463.4284 fax
    twitter: eXpRealtyWA

    Come eXplore eXp Realty today!

  5. Sherry,

    The flu bug kept me from attending the conference, your videos have brough it to me. You are providing a great service, and great leadership in our industry. It has been wonderful to watch you grow your new company over these past few years. Congratulations on a job well done and again thank you.


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