18 November 2008

Simple Steps to Building a Social Network

Social networking becomes less complicated when you break it into simple steps. Last week, I presented this concept at NAR to a predominately broker owner audience. As promised, I am sharing an edited version of the presentation right here.

Click here for a larger version of this slideshow.

The four categories, as we see them are:

Social Media Profiles… or more simply put, personal profiles on the various sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, MySpace. Building your profile is the first step.

Text Platforms… blogging, microbloging.  The second step is creating a platform to speak from and collaborate. WordPress and TypePad provide blogging platforms. Twitter is great for microblogging.

Visual and Imagery Platforms… add videos and photos to make your message more engaging. You Tube and Flickr bring your networking and your story to life.

Use Listening and Sharing Tools. Listen to what’s going on and spread the word. RSS, Digg are two of many tools that accomplish this.

If you are serious about using social networking as a business tool, some of the same rules of general networking apply. For example, always give more than you receive. And if you make a commitment, be sure to stick to it. Better not jump into this arena if you are only prepared to go halfway.

There are a growing number of examples of social networking being used effectively as a strong business tool. As the next wave of home buyers and sellers engage in the real estate market, smart agents and broker owners will have a strong presence on all of these sites. It is all part of truly being a real estate agent or brokerage of the future.

8 thoughts on “Simple Steps to Building a Social Network

  1. Hi Sherry: The golf fundraiser looks like it was alot of fun! Thank you for posting this blog and slideshow, I just sent the link to the agents in my offices! I especially liked slide 16…that was funny! =)

  2. Hi Lisa and thanks. It is a basic look at social networking. With some thought and strategy, it is pretty easy to stay on top of this new and interesting tool. for us at BHGRE it is one of the most effective ways for us to get the word out about what we are doing…

  3. Great presentation Sherry – I trust you don’t mind me re-using parts of it for our network here in The Netherlands!

    In the States the social media thing is being picked up, but across the ocean not yet. I am working on changing that. Will keep you posted via twitter (twitter.com/tuttel).

  4. Hey Sherry! Not sure if you remember, but we met at Bloodhound Unchained in Orlando this past summer.

    I really liked this article. Namely, because you tell it like it is in terms of the commitment required to stay involved with Social Media in order to see results.

    One thing I don’t see to many folks talking about – and something Greg Swann over at the BHB referenced today in a post there – is that folks need to remember the “social” part of Social Networks. If you’re just using Twitter and Facebook to broadcast your latest blog post – then folks are going to tune you out.

    People want to do business with people they like. Take a minute here and there to let folks know about the great local winery you just toured, or – as I am want to do… that our Dog has once been defeated by the lawn sprinkler in his latest gladiatorial battle with it!

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