17 November 2009

Wendy Forsythe Interviews Dustin Luther – 4Realz.net

Watch Wendy Forsythe’s exclusive interview with Dustin Luther, 4realz.net Consulting, on building a presence in the social media world and the emphasis of lead-management access that he believes is going to penetrate the web 2.0 world. Want to hear his best advice for those starting in the industry? Then this video’s a must see!

2 thoughts on “Wendy Forsythe Interviews Dustin Luther – 4Realz.net

  1. Nice ideas and I agree that the novelty of social networking has pretty much worn off for most of us. These tools are the 21st Century equivalent of the supermarket trolley, that's all. They allow great interaction, and the possibility of generating some really interesting conversations, but they are just empty vessels which can be used in a creative way or a dull way. Dustin talks about the holistic use of Web 2.0, connecting them all to drive visibility, reputation and ultimately business. Can't argue with that!

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